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Caffeinate-A-Station Program allows anyone to purchase 5lb bags of coffee and donate straight to any fire station, police station, or hospital of their choice at a discounted price! You just tell us what you want and where to send it and we take care of the rest. It's the perfect way of showing your appreciation to your local heroes. Here's how it works:


1) Choose how many and what variety of 5lb bags you would like to donate (First Responders and Health Care Professionals drink a lot of coffee). 

2) Selected whether you would like your donation to be one time or a reoccurring donation every month. 

3) Make the shipping address a fire station, police station, EMS station, or hospital. If you would like to donate the coffee yourself use your home address and leave in the comments at checkout where the coffee is going to be donated to.

4) Complete your purchase and we will roast the coffee for your local heroes on demand! We will include literature about who donated with your order so the heroes know who to thank!

5) Have your local heroes take pictures of the coffee and tag our Instagram and/or Facebook @firegroundscoffeecompany 


Your local heroes thank you for providing them fresh delicious coffee roasted by fellow firefighters / veterans. 

How Much Coffee Should I Order Per Month?
Number Of Personnel Per Shift  # of 5lb Bags
1 to 6  3
7-10 4
10-15 5
15-20 6


All coffee will be ground for automatic drip coffee machines. Fire Grounds Coffee Co LLC does not guarantee that the coffee will arrive during a specific shift. For best results, please reach out to the personnel at the destination you are shipping to so they know they have a package coming. Fire Grounds Coffee Co LLC assumes no responsibility for what the coffee is used for once it reaches its destination I.E. a captain takes the coffee home so the rookies don't get any ;) 






Reviews (1)

Shawn Bruce (@sansui350a on IG) Jul 29th 2021

Coffee from a great company!

Sent a big 5lb bag of this to our friends at AZ AMR, arrived Monday earlier this week. Hopefully it warms their hearts every time they see it in their kitchen, and make themselves a cup. Happy to be able to provide some love and care to them from out of state. This is something wonderful.. something that says "I care about and love you", at a very core level for our first-responders. Thank you to firegroundscoffeecompany for having a way of being able to provide this for our first-responder family out there!! (Hope it tastes good to them!!) :)

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Additional Info

$0.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)