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Emergency Roast (Full City Roast)

This coffee is dedicated to all the nurses and health care workers! We use the Brazil Florada variety and roast it to 445 degrees to create a Full City Roast profile that has notes of cashews, dark chocolate, and sugar cane.  16z (1lb) of whole...

Black Smoke Mullet Mocha (Mocha Flavored Medium Roast)

Black Smoke Mullet Mocha is the long awaited collaboration between Black Smoke Sticker Co, Mullet Medic, and Fire Grounds Coffee Co. This variety is a medium roast with mocha flavoring for an extra chocolaty finish. Roasted at 430 degrees using air...

Old Tige 5 (Full City Roast)

We are proud to announce our latest variety of coffee in partnering with the Dallas Firefighter Museum. Old Tige was the oldest fire station in the city. It is now home to the Dallas Firefighter Museum. With each purchase of Old Tige 5 from Fire...

Sample Pack

Can't decide which variety to try? Now you can have it all! Now offering a sample pack with 4x 4oz packs of our deliciously fresh coffee. Available in ground or whole bean. 

Rescue Roast (Light Roast)

Rescue Roast is our light roast coffee. Roasted at 400 degrees using air roasting techniques. Rescue Roast has earthy and sweet aroma with a nutty taste. It also contains the most caffeine out of all our varieties. Especially useful when you're riding...

Bubba Brew (Medium Roast)

Bubba Brew is our medium roast coffee. Roasted at 430 degrees using air roasting techniques. Bubba Brew has a caramel aroma with a traditional and smooth finish. Bubba Brew tastes just how the old heads, salty veterans, or bubbas like it, like a perfect...

Back The Blue (Doughnut Flavored Medium Roast)

Back The Blue is our medium roast doughnut flavored coffee. Roasted at 430 degrees using air roasting techniques. Back The Blue has a light hint of jelly doughnut that is just the right amount. Whether you're in law enforcement or you support the men...

Bury Up Black (Dark Roast)

Bury Up Black is our dark roast coffee. Roasted at 460 degrees using air roasting techniques. Bury Up Black has earthy and toasted and chocolate aroma with a rich and bold taste. It's what you need to get your shift started. Bury Up! Coffee origin is...