Is It Hard To Start A Business In Iraq? - Yes - Part 2

Where was I? Oh ya, Iraq. That place. 

I'm sure there will be salty 2003-2008 Iraq veterans who will be all "Iraq was a completely different war when I was there". You'd be 100% right. Apples and Oranges really. ISIS is not the same as the republican guard mixed with foreign fighters sprinkled with a heavy dash of Al Qaeda. ISIS may of been too extreme for Al Qaeda but that doesn't mean the situation on the ground was dire like it was "back in the day". By the way, I was 14 in 2003. Feel old? Good. 

I digress. I was settling into my "Battle Captain" position when I met other fellow service members who were interested in a First Responder Coffee Brand. Everyone there drank coffee from a company that rhymes with Smack Fifle. Military dudes were and are fanatical about them. I wanted a brand of coffee that my First Responders back at home could equally get just as excited about. 

So we started brain storming for fun. If you've ever been deployed you become good at killing time. There's either nothing to do or everything has to be done now. There seems to be no in between and that's what we did to pass the time. We came up with all sorts of cool T Shirt ideas, what the coffee bags would look like, even had an idea for a pike pole stirring stick (that could still happen). My colleuges and I would perform our duties and during down time, shoot from the hip all the "what ifs" of Fire Grounds Coffee Company. 

In Part 3 I might actually introduce some of these mystery men.